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Join the Better Barter community in the Tri-Cities to help your business save money, increase profits, and decrease costs.

Trade Your Goods, Services, & Talents With Other Local Businesses

Every business has cash and credit for goods and services. Why not a third option? Enter Better Barter.
Through Better Barter, you can trade what you offer to get what you need with other businesses in the community.
Barter your expert cleaning services for professional photography to increase exposure to your business. Trade your delicious pizza for massage therapy for your employees to say thank you for their hard work. Exchange your pest control services for a weekend getaway after a busy work week.
The possibilities are endless! Best of all, you still get full value for the goods and services you provide through our indirect trade exchange.
Better Barter helps you to increase profits and decrease the cost of doing business.


Trade indirectly within the community instead of paying cash. The credit you earn can be spent with anyone in the network.

Increase Profits

Expand your reach and find new customers and clients for your business through our community.

Decrease Business Costs

Use your Barter balance to offset the cost of services or goods you need for your business.

Who Barters

Trusted By People Just Like You.

We’ve used Better Barter for office needs and personal use for many years. Their service allows you to extend your area of influence into other businesses by helping others. Maximize your reach by adding Better Barter to your service line
- Dr. Tim Dunne

What Businesses Say About
Better Barter

We love Better Barter! We use it weekly for our business and appreciate how professional and responsive Stacy and the team are. Good quality people and fantastic value. I highly recommend any business signing up for Better Barter today!
Justin B.
Ever since joining Better Barter a couple years ago, my company has benefited an amazing amount. I love that I learn about/have access to other businesses in town that I normally wouldn’t too! Stacy is the always the best ever and helps connect me with items I can’t find anywhere else!
Jenna T.
Since we’ve joined we have filled otherwise slow parts of the season with work. It’s been a win/win for us and helped us grow
Clay G.
We love Better Barter. The exchange of products and services has been a great tool for us both in business and personally. Anyone who owns a business and has products and services they can trade needs to look at Better Barter today!
Choya H.

Boost Your Business with Better Barter

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We’ll sit down with you to discuss the steps to joining the Better Barter community, as well as calculate the trade exchange to make sure you get the most out of the barter system.
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Save Cash & Increase Profits (AND Have Fun While Doing It!)
Have fun using your barter dollars to trade goods and services with other businesses in the Tri-Cities community—and see the impact it makes on your business.

Better Service.
Better Business.
Better Barter.

Improve your business and build a community among other businesses in the Tri-Cities today.

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